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Debbie is beyond awesome – as an non-Denver local, seeing Debbie perform on my first night in town made me feel very welcome and comfortable. The way that she presents her stories are like a hilarious hug to your eardrums. Jovi Radtke

Director of Change, Joy Lab

I’ve seen Debbie perform at many events including SexCom, Something Fabulous, and The Pump & Dump.  I keep going to see her perform because she’s funny…hilarious in fact. Whether she’s telling stories about being a mom, a daughter, a single lesbian, a friend or a concerned citizen…she has the ability to make me (and everyone else) howl/cry/hoot with laughter.  She is Denver’s best kept comedic secret…hopefully not for long…everyone should laugh that hard. Heather

Debbie Scheer has been holding her show Sexcom at Blush & Blu for the past year, a small business my partner and I, Jody Bouffard, own and operate.

We cannot express the gratitude in working with Scheer, in all aspects of our business.

Debbie has a knack for not only putting on a superb and entertaining show, but she also has been an absolutely amazing individual to work with, both professionally, and as someone who has evolved into a leader in our community.

Scheer promotes and sustains Sexcom with tact, care, passion and business savviness. She has created a wildly successful and long-lasting show over the past year at Blush & Blu, and Sexcom never loses steam, but only continues to grow each month. We can proudly say that Sexcom Saturdays are one of our busiest nights of the month, both in sales and in new faces entering our space – which as a small locally owned business, is what helps us not only keep our doors open, but thrive.

As business women both Jody and I are extremely elated at the increased sales and awareness she has brought to our bar/coffee house. Denverites come to see her show because of her charm, entertaining presence, and because she delivers a soul-filled performance with a knack for real story-telling – and as the host venue, Blush & Blu is grateful for our increase in business due to Scheer’s talents.

We are utterly elated at the business partnership that has evolved as Debbie knows how to pack a house, keep people coming back for more, and how to maintain the passion and freshness needed to produce a successful show.

Debbie is a gem and would recommend her to anyone who is seeking a business relationship with a charmingly real entertainer, and extremely talented host and promoter. Scheer is truly one-of-a-kind, and has helped our business thrive with her social genius and ability to both market what she is involved in, and create real relationships with the audience as well as our entire staff.

Debbie Scheer’s Sexcom is one of the best things to happen to our business. She is the type of soul, heart and personality that is often missing in the business world, and she will no doubt be magically successful in any avenue she steps into. Debbie is a warm spirit, a superb communicator, and a successful woman who is nothing short of divine to work with!

  Holly Hatch & Jody Bouffard

Owners of Blush & Blu, Blush & Blu