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Debbie was wonderful as the emcee of our fundraiser. She did a great job of communicating passion for our mission in a humorous and engaging way. Debbie will keep everyone laughing and they will be happy they attended your event! Dr. Paul Leon Ramsey

Executive Director, A Little Help

Debbie Scheer recently emceed our annual fundraiser. It was a huge success! The mood was light even though the topic was heavy. All attendees had a great time and mentioned how wonderful it was throughout the evening. We exceeded our fundraising goals and most importantly had an overwhelming response from potential volunteers. Ms. Scheer had no previous experience with a room full of dentists, she did her research and hit it out of the park! Her humor was appropriate and her ability to improv material based on the crowd was remarkable. Including a professional emcee like Debbie Scheer to your event will take your expectations to another level. Brandy Whalen

Board Member, Metro Denver Dental Foundation

I invited Deb Scheer to a dinner event that I hosted for 75 fitness instructors. The predominantly female group ranged in age from 25-60yrs., representing regions across the US, and overseas. I’d hoped that Deb would bring some levity to our conference after 2 long days of meetings and education workshops. Within 60 seconds, Deb had my guests giggling, and within 5 minutes they were doubled over with laughter and happy-tears. Debbie has a powerful talent for reading her crowd. She managed to make average topics such as parenting, friendships and broken relationships seem hysterical. She boldly approached delicate subjects: sex, bathroom use and Gay Rights, and cleverly used these polarizing subjects to unite our diverse group. Debbie Scheer’s sparkling stage presence commands immediate respect, and her discerning use of explicit language is appropriate and well-timed. I was absolutely blown away at Deb’s ability to unite a room of people from different cultures – and honestly believe that this lady can step into any forum, and literally rock the house. Stacey Lei Krauss

President, The willPower Method®