Whether it be a college panel, a working artist Q&A, honing in on your presentation and delivery skills or a special event you just need a well-spoken personality for, Debbie does it all. With her big brain and matching charm, she knows just how to reach out and engage any crowd. Debbie also teaches educational workshops that cover a variety of subjects, primarily educating parents on how to navigate questions about sexuality with their kids or educating adoptive parents on how to answer invasive and insensitive adoption questions, and she does this all with grace.


The comedy stylings of Debbie Scheer have been described as, “light-hearted and family friendly without losing that elusive hysterical edge. Debbie’s comedic timing is naturally clever, while her punchlines show off her kind but provocative nature. She’s dedicated to her laugh-craft and this shows tremendously on stage.


As a single, lesbian, mom with two adorable sons, Debbie has some stories to tell. Not only has she lived through a series of fortunate events, but she’s mastered the art of relaying the magic in what most might perceive as the mundane. She sets each scene perfectly, while weaving an emotional quilt that’s one size fits all.


Let’s face it, the most important element of your next big event is your emcee. The success of the entire night relies heavily upon their ability to think on their feet, engage the audience for the duration, and keep the program on schedule. No one is better at this than Debbie, with her commitment to quality and perseverance for audience satisfaction, she works hard to ensure everyone leaves smarter and smiling.

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